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Depression can be Healed

"He must be stupid and foolish!"
"How could he do such?!"
Does he know what I am passing through? Did I kill myself?
"Make God punish his dead body, nonsense coward."

These are the thoughts of some typical Nigerians when they hear that someone took his or her life. To them it looks so absurd, and nothing can justify their act. 

But, to tell you the truth not everyone is like you. Not everyone can handle pain, hurt, rejection, separations, disappoinment or shame. Not everyone has the kind of shock absorber your heart have to take heartbreaks. Not everyone can handle lack. Also mental health disorders issues is real.

When such folks face any of these issue due to their inability to handle it they soon slide into depression. And depression is a silent deadly killer that can happen to anyone, and when not properly manage can lead to suicidal thoughts to end it all. 

If such person going through all or any of these is not met on time it will definitely end in suicide. That does not in any way means they are selfish, stupid or a coward. It's their nature. You've got to accept them that way and empathize with them. 

It's for this reason that you should take it upon yourself to reach out to people close you whether related or not. Genuinely ask them how they are doing and their well-being.

Offer to help either by giving a listening ear, advice, recommending a therapist, financial support or otherwise if the need be. Don't let the smiling face and beautiful pictures on social fool you. Don't let the display of wealth also fool you.

 Many are dying silently. Depression can happen to anyone irrespective of their social class. And when someone tells you he or she is depressed for any reason, please don't be insensitive to their plight, make a jest of it or ignore them. Instead hear them out and be attentive to what they have to say. Let them pour out their heart to you. Your listening ear and encouraging words might be their saving grace. Don't deny them that. Doing this is a little way of making a difference in life.

For those who are going through one form of depression or the other. Endeavour to reach out to a trusted friend (I can be that friend for you). Don't be shy about it. Speak up! We can't read minds. They're thousand and one persons who wants to help you but don't know what you are going through. It is when you speak out that help would come. 

Don't bear the burden alone. Pain ends. There's still hope as long as you live. Better days are ahead of you. You're important and worthy. You're valuable. You're useful and meaningful. If it didn't work out today, it will tomorrow. You can live on without her/him. I still love and cherish you with my whole heart. Don't throw in the towel yet. Suicide is not the best way out, you can still overcome whatsoever that is troubling your mind. Silence those voices in your head telling you to end it all with positive affirmations. You'll be alright I can promise you that.

#MattCares is always here for you. Yes I am, because I cherish, love and value you so much and I want the best for you. Reach out to me anytime you need a friend to talk to about anything without being judged. I'll do my best to see you smile. 

Thank you for choosing life over suicide.


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