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Turn your Adversity To Truimph

I read about a 16 years old girl who was very vocal about given the girl-child equal opportunity of going to school in her country.

One day, while she was coming back from school, some gunmen's stopped her school bus, asked after her in particular and then shot her in the head and some of her friends too.

She managed to survive that horrendous incident and was back on her feet again through helps from different corners of the world. 

That particular incident never silenced her. Rather, it amplified her voice even more to the extent that today she's one of the world's top most strong advocate for children education and peace. 

Her unrelenting works as an activist earned her a NOBEL PEACE award. The youngest person ever to win such prestigious award.

I'm talking of no other person than Malala Yousafzai. The girl from Pakistan who turned her adversity into triumph.

One thing I've come to realize about is life's setbacks and ugly circumstances are inevitable.

Some are caused by our own undoing, while others are as a result of unforseen causes.

Notwithstanding, these life challenges did not happen to us break us. Of course, they might be duaghting, tedious and even unbearable. But, these things happened to us to MAKE US.

They happened to us to make us tougher and stronger. They happened to us to make us better not bitter. They happened to us to teach us life's hard lessons. They happened to us for a reason.

One of the reasons is that they equip you with the necessary knowledge to help others going through similar situations on how to overcome them based on how you overcame yours.

That is to say, "the methods and how's" you used in overcoming those challenges can be used to help others to also come out of their own predicament.

There are folks whose self esteem were bartered by one form of abuse or the other. They felt so unworthy, restrained and hate for self, but today, they are teaching and helping people to walk in confidence and boldness. Joyce Meyer is a typical example. She was sexually abused by her own biological father, she felt unworthy for many years, today she's a blessing to millions of lives through her ministry.

There are many others like her who turned their adversity into triumph and helping others to triumph too.

So my question to you is;

What is that circumstance that is giving you sleepless nights?

What is that thing that troubles your being?

First of all believe that you'll come out of it 

Maybe God allowed it to equip you to be of help to others going through same.

We humans are interdependent. Your experience could be of great help to those going through tough times in their lives.

Sharing your stories might motivate and inspire someone out there, activating something in their lives that would move them from where they are to where they want to be.

So, when next you're going through any challenges, ask yourself what is it that God wants me to learn through this difficult situation? How can I use its lessons to help others? The answer are right there inside.

Having this kind of mindset will definitely help you see positive things even in the midst of tribulations, challenges and ugly circumstances.

I strongly believe that's what God wants us to see and learn in our trials. Together we can make our world a better place by helping others to come out victorious just as we did.

Circumstances are not curses. They happened to us for a purpose. Both the good, bad, ugly and unpleasant ones. 

So never be shy about telling your stories and experiences you might be helping someone out there on how to turn their adversities into triumph.

Thank you.

MattCares 😊


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