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You Become What You Believe

There was this movie I watched. In it, a family was haunted by a stalker. It happened that this stalker was really tormenting each and everyone in this family (the mother, father and their daughter).

What actually caught my attention was when this stalker hacked (He was an IT specialist) into wife's medical report and discovered she went for a cancer test and is expecting her result. This guy called the woman pretending to be a doctor calling from the hospital she did the test and told her that her cancer test came out positive. 

As soon as she heard those words, her countenance changed immediately. The next day she started having symptoms of the illness she diagnosed. Her body began to deteriorate... 

While the family was finding ways to overcome the torments of this stalker, a call from the doctor at the hospital told her the cancer test result she did was out and she was negative, no trace of the element was in her system and nothing was wrong with her.

As she heard that she had a huge sigh of relief and began to feel normal again from that moment. It became obvious to her that the first caller was the stalker.

After seen all these played out I began to ponder why did she had those symptoms of that cancer despite been negative? Why did her body begin to deteriorate? Why did she begin to feel better after the main doctor called?

As I pondered these questions, the only reason why she had those symptoms or later felt better was that her subconscious mind accepted it and she believed it to be true in both cases.

This further buttress the point that OUR BELIEFS on anything will definitely become OUR REALITY.

The question now is, "What are you believing?"

If you believe that you'll never meet the right woman/man for you and get married, unfortunately, you probably won't.

If you believe that you won't be successful in an endeavour you want to embark upon, be rest assured you won't.

If you believe that this sickness will take your life, it will.

If you believe that you'll never get out of debt, you won't!

If you believe that your life will be filled with complaints, lack and miserable, then that's what you'll keep seeing.

There are no two ways about it.

Now you've known this truth: You're going to BECOME what you BELIEVE. Why not use it to your own advantage?

Start believing that you're blessed.

Believe that whatsoever you're going through is only a phase and you'll come out of it.

Believe that your best days are ahead of you.

Believe that you're gifted, talented, healthy, strong, creative, successful, confident, and a blessing to others.

Believe on these things and expect the best and it will definitely be your reality.

One peculiar thing I've come to realize in this life is that the elements of this world will always conspire to bring your most dominant beliefs to pass for you in your life. 

So, it is important you use this power to your advantage.

I do it intentionally after discovered this secret. I wake up and tell myself; It is well with me, man/woman/God will favour me today, I am strong, I am a success, I am a blessing to life and my best days are in front of me. They all turn out to be so for I dwell on these positives and I believe it strongly in my heart to be so for me.

You too can.

Start believing for the best for yourself. 

For you become what you believe.

I leave you with a question: What will you start believing for yourself from now on? 

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    1. Thanks Ekene for finding it nice. So, what will you start believing for yourself from now on?

  2. Well articulated.
    Thoughtfully pieced together.


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