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The only time I could remember being close to someone who took his own life was when I still living in Lagos. It happened in Woleboyle street Ojo LGA where I reside.

That very morning, while we were preparing to go to shop at Alaba International Market we were acquainted by the news of one promising young lad who took his own life by drinking Ota-pia-pia (a local insecticide). Though, he left a written a note before committing suicide.

When heard about it, we were so mad at him simply because the note he had left said something about him not gaining admission after trying for two consecutive times. I was even infuriated the more, because I knew how long I stayed at home before I gained admission. I wish I’d met or knew him personally before the ugly incident. My story might have changed him.

“Why take your own life”, was the question on everyone’s lips. From the look of things, his parents were well to do; they were landlord in Lagos, and had a booming restaurant/pub house. What then could be the problem? I wondered too. 

Back then I saw it as an outright foolishness for anyone to toe that line by taking his own life. I use to think like a typical Nigerian would in such cases, since his family was wealthy there’s no justification whatsoever for him doing such to himself. How shallow my thoughts were. 

However, my perception on such as changed. I’ve come to realize that being wealthy doesn’t solve all your problems, it have limits. I’ve also come to realize that not everyone can bear or endure pain, abuse, rejection, hurt or disappointment for long; not everyone can cope with hardship or uncomfortable situations. To some, suicide is the gateway to end it all. 

Dwelling on any of those problems for longer time may lead to depression, which on its own is a period of unhappiness or low morale which last longer than several weeks and may include ideation of self-inflicted injury or suicide. Depression is one sickness that has become prevalent in recent time. And if care is not taking, it will escalate to an alarming rate. 

One sure way to heal from depression is to reach out to a true friend who has a listening ear, pouring out your heart to him or her will surely help to ease you up. In addition, seeking for medical help is highly recommendable. 

I’m doing this because you matter. Never give in to those voices that keeps telling you, “Jump on that moving train or vehicle”, jump off from that cliff, bridge or building”, “I’m worthless”, “I’m a failure”, “I’m meaningless “, and so on and so forth. Tell those voices to SHUT UP!!! 

Whenever those thoughts springs up start speaking positive affirmations into your life. Their effects are remarkable. Seek medical help or a friend to confide in (I’m always here if you need a friend to talk to). Doing these will gradually make those thoughts of suicide to fade away. 

Life can be so unfair, but it is only when you’re alive that you can solve your problems. Despite how challenging life can be, we have to be resolute to forge ahead no matter what, for it is in overcoming life challenges that makes it interesting.

My dear, there is still more too life. Your life is precious. You worth more! Don’t end it just like that…be it what may it can be resolved. Hold on, pain ends. Time will heal you. In fact, no pain or hurt lasts forever. I know you are tough and you would choose to live. 

Thank you. 

© Etumnu Matthew Chidi


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