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Tuesday 28 August 2018

Someday Never Comes!

"Someday, I will read that book."

"Someday, I will start working out."

"Someday, I will write my book."

"Someday, I will upgrade my skills and earn more money."

"Someday, I'll get my finances under control and get out of debt."

"Someday, I will register for that professional course/program/exam."

"Someday, I will start my business."

"Someday, I will express my feelings to her/him."

"Someday, I work on myself to be a better person." 

"Someday, I'll do all those things that I need to do to achieve my life goals."

"Someday, someday!"

But, the "Someday" never comes.

In fact, to tell you the truth, it will never come.

Take a close look to your calendar, can you find anything like "Someday" amongst the weekdays? 

Your answer is as good as mine.

'Someday' isn't one of the 7 days in a week.

Why then do you use it so often on what you want to do? 

"Someday" will make you never to get anything done nor achieve anything worthwhile.

In the end, when your feet can not carry you as it use to, you'll be full of regrets for actions you never took because you were waiting for someday to do them.

Someday and procrastination are synonymous.

Procrastination will not only steal your time, it ruin your life. For time is no one's friend. As the seconds pass, we are getting closer to our grave. It is a harsh reality that we all will face.

Therefore, it is very important we make judicious use of the short time we have do to what we ought to do.

Anything you can do now, never leave it for later. Do it already, and focus on other things. Start doing. Start small. Just start. It maybe hard, but it will get easy. Just begin.
Whenever you set out to do something, get on with it. Tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone. Someday will never come.

For you to avoid regrets at your old age, you've got to discipline yourself to do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not. 

Self discipline in this regard is the distinguishing factor between the unsuccessful and the successful in this life. 

I know you want to be successful. We owe our future self that. Therefore, I urge you to delete that mentality of doing something "Someday" and replace it with start doing it "Now." 

We all know it is hard to form new habits, but when you discipline yourself to be doing things now and not later, with little time it will internalize and become automatic and easy to practice. All habits are learnable. So learn this, it is for your own good.

No more someday.


Not later or tomorrow.

Start already!

Fix tangible dates and deadlines to goals. 

Then get on with it.

Doing something each blessed day to get you closer to the goals.

Sooner or later you will surprise yourself with your achievements. Because you can achieve almost anything for yourself if you have the discipline to pay the price or do what you need to do and never give up. 

I know you'll choose to take actions as from today, and stop relying on a 'someday' that never comes.

Take care and be all that you can be. Yes, you can.


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