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Just a Little Romance

It was on a good Saturday morning. I went to the hospital to take my injection for the day, and also collect the remaining drugs that wasn't in store the previous day.
As soon as I got there, i walked straight to the pharmacy section hoping to meet the pharmacist who attended to me on Friday. But I was shocked beyond words when I met a woman who was ravishing even from afar instead of him.
From the crown of her head to the sole of her feet was stunning. She's a typical example of what beautiful is. I couldn't help but admire all what my eyes could behold. She was breathtaking. The more I looked the faster my heart raced.
I exclaimed, "God really did an exceptional job here when creating her. She's indeed one of a kind."
It happened that she was the one who's to attend to me. I composed myself, greeted her, "Good afternoon ma (I noticed a wedding band on her)." She responded cordially and asked how she could be of assistance to me.
I told her wh…

Someday Never Comes!

"Someday, I will read that book."
"Someday, I will start working out."
"Someday, I will write my book."
"Someday, I will upgrade my skills and earn more money."
"Someday, I'll get my finances under control and get out of debt."
"Someday, I will register for that professional course/program/exam."
"Someday, I will start my business."
"Someday, I will express my feelings to her/him."
"Someday, I work on myself to be a better person." 
"Someday, I'll do all those things that I need to do to achieve my life goals."
"Someday, someday!"
But, the "Someday" never comes.
In fact, to tell you the truth, it will never come.
Take a close look to your calendar, can you find anything like "Someday" amongst the weekdays? 
Your answer is as good as mine.
'Someday' isn't one of the 7 days in a week.
Why then do you use it so often on what you want to do…

Thoughts on Low Self Esteem

A lot of people today are suffering from low self-esteem, and the root cause is not far fetched.

It started right from the home front.

Those times when their parent(s) call them all sorts of demeaning names like: Stupid, goat, good-for-nothing, failure, mumu, useless child, olodo, isi aki (coconut head), oloriburuku (senseless being), black sheep, wowo and the list goes on and on for doing a mistake or not meeting their standard in academics or otherwise.

These words over time had psychological effects on them that they began to see themselves in that way.

They begin to see themselves as worthless, insecure, failure, ugly, second fiddle, unintelligent, timid, good-for-nothing, unimportant e.t.c.

Some even think it is normal since these words are what they’ve have heard all through their growing up days.

Only a handful of people who suffer from such even realize they are have this big problem.

It takes special efforts, time and hard work (determination and commitment) to break free fr…