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Friday 25 May 2018


What we focus on, expands.

If you want to achieve much out of the life, focus on one thing at a time. For anything you focus on grows…energy flows there. In fact, concentrating on a particular task one after the another at a time will make you produce your best result in handling each of the tasks.

When you focus on different things (tasks, activities etc) at a time, it tends to lead to producing poor results, helplessness, being stress-out & feeling overwhelmed and confusion of all; when you act like this, you just end up being jack of all trades but master of none. 

I bet you wouldn’t want any of these, so I’d advice, lay your hands or do one particular tasks or things one at a time, don’t work yourself out trying to do it all, rather delegate tasks to others, its benefits are remarkable.

 Orison Swett Marden once said, “Every great man has become great, every successful man has succeeded, in proportion as he has confined his powers to one particular channel.” There is power in focusing on one thing at a time! 

Some practical examples from our daily activities; 

• Log out from all social media platforms or simply mute their notifications and concentrate on the work, study etc you’re doing online giving it full attention without distractions. When you are done, then go back and reply the chats or keeping up with posts if it is in line with your priorities. 

• Drop that phone and focus on eating that delicious meal in front of you, when you are through go back to whatsoever you are doing with your phone. 

• Concentrate on driving instead of replying chat while on steering. In fact, you’re endangering your life and that of other road users and pedestrian doing this together. When you get to your destination, reply all the chats…they will understand, your life matters. 

• As a business man or trader attend to one customer at the time, don’t let how they are rushing you to answer them make you confuse or do mistakes in the business transactions. You will be at the losing end if you let them. 

• When your boss hand you several tasks to do even with deadlines, start working on them one at time from the simplest to the hardest not minding the deadlines. It’s better you achieve much with little than doing everything very poorly. 

• Take off that earpiece and concentrate on whatsoever you’re studying if they don’t sync.

• And so on and so forth …

Finally, in any works of life you find yourself, take it ( either tasks, assignments, activities, errands, jobs, agenda, goals, or objectives, etc) one at a time. For anything that is worth doing is worth doing very well. In that vein you will achieve much out of every endeavors you set out to do. Take action today and you’ll see the remarkable effects in your life for focusing on one thing at a time!

©Etumnu Matthew Chidi

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