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Friday 25 May 2018

Love things!

One thing I've come to realize about this life is, "One will never get anything good from something he/she hates."

If you can remember those days in primary or secondary schools, they were students who don't seems to understand mathematics or a particular subjects no matter how hard they try.

The very reason was as a result of the hatred, dislike or detest they had for the teacher. Because hatred blocks you from grasping anything from him. Thus, making you become disinterested about him entirely. Hatred over a thing or something can be that powerful.

When you don't like something, you would always struggle to get the best from that thing.

Tell me, would you benefits from a relationship you despise?

What about a job, a person or a boss you hate?

Your answer is as good as mine.

It is not possible.

One thing about hatred is that, it inhibits you from seeing anything positive about someone, something or a thing. In fact, It blinds you totally. And I tell you, it's not healthy.

Similar thing can be said about our society and even country. If you hate it, be rest assured you'd never get anything good out-of (from) it.

Since your mind is fixated on the negatives, you'd keep languishing in complaint, because there would be more to complain about.

But, flip it the other way round and start liking your country. By doing so, you would draw the energy to succeed here. Because if you continue hating your country, it would be more than challenging to make progress here. It would be a continuous struggle to find the strength to overcome a country you have contempt for.

That attitude must change for things to really change for you.

A negative mind towards something would never give you a positive life in general. So you have to develop the habit of seeing the positive side about everything. It is always there. Doing these can guarantee you a positive life because they go in tandem.

So to get something "good" from someone, people, society, your job, a thing or your country, start today by loving it. Turn all the negativity you have for it into positivity and I can assure you, you would not just get only good things from it, but something better and best for you in the long run.

I know you can do it, because you are capable of loving. So go all ahead and love. It is for your own good.

I am #MattCares, and I want the very best for you.


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