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Tuesday 19 January 2021




Yes, you heard me correctly. 

Is it Matthew that's filled with optimism and positiveness saying this?

Yes, it me. 

Are you suprised?

You really need to give up. Now is the time for it because since you've been holding on did anything changed? 

It's high time you told yourself the truth by yourself. 

You really need to give up on relationships/friends that are draining you and adding no value to you.

You really need to give up on your comfort zones that's making you settle for mediocrity when you can actually become more.

Yes you need to give up on your geographic location were opportunities are really scarce and move to something better.

You really need to give up on some philosophies, mentality, limiting beliefs and ideologies that are hampering your progress as a human.

You really need to give up on lifestyles, eating & drinking habits and behavioral patterns that are deteriorating your health and well-being. 

Please give up trying to stay in touch with people you've encountered in the past who has no interest in keeping the friendship. It makes no sense holding on to this.

Give up on jobs that are always making you feel unhappy, unappreciated and making you become physically and emotionally ill. If you eventually die on the job they will find your replacement the next day immediately.

You really need to give up on some businesses and endeavours that doesn't have hope of any promising returns or you can't visualize a positive outcome.

Give up on PROCRASTINATION; It will do you a lot harm and damage if you continue to hold on to it. It hasn't helped anyone before and yours wouldn't be different. Give up on it now!

Please give up overanalyzing and perfectionism, it will only lead you not to even take any step or start. Paralysis will step in if you keep holding on to overanalyzing.

Give up on listening to "What will people say" before embarking on a worthwhile quest. People will always talk whether you do good or not. 

I've come to realize that blind persistence could turn into an overwhelming, exhausting and useless quest if you hold on to these.

Therefore, give up on these...even the scriptures support this notion, there's time to hold on and there's time to give up as loss (Ecc 3:6).

There's time for everything; giving up is one of them. You need to learn how to know "when" to give up and move on to something promising and better.

No doubt, deciding to give up on these might not be easy, but the fulfilling and joyful life experiences it will open up for you when you do is quite exhilarating. 

So don't hesitate, giving up on these will set you on a path of growth, betterment, and fulfilment!


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