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"If you want to kill a dream, vision or an idea tell it to a small minded person." They will shoot it down because they can’t see it as you do.

In fact, sometimes people will tell you what you can’t do or accomplish because they don’t see themselves achieving it.
Here is an advice: You need to break free from such people. They are limited in their minds. Note, these set of people can be anyone. It could be a close relative or a friend.
You really need to break free from sharing your dreams with such people, especially those one that each time you share an idea, a new way of doing things or a business idea you are willing to explore but they are quick to tell you 5 reasons that your idea won’t work.
If Tummy Tummy Noodles were looking were looking at how other Noodles were doing in the market and used that as an excuse for not starting their brand would they be where they are now? NO!
It is the same with Fibi sausage roll and many other new brands we see today in the market, despite the competition in the market they came out unique, and today they are household commodities Nigerian’s can’t do without.
The point I am driving at is this, stop telling or listening to these kind of friends or relatives that always want to thwart that your idea. They just want you to remain at that their level.
“Stagnant Entities” is what I call them. Year in year out their lives are always the same, no form of progress whatsoever. Is that the kind of person you should be listening to? They don’t worth it. Anyway, you can keep them as acquaintance if you choose.
Let your success shock them to the bone to the extent they will be the one to start telling others; “…that guy/lady na my paddy o”, “we lived in the same street”, “we come from the same village”, "yen yen bla bla."
Keep your dreams alive, they are valid. If you could conceive the idea you can achieve them and make them a reality by your actions, strategies, doggedness, determination, commitment and perseverance to see it through.
Our world today is ruled by ideas. New inventions, concepts and breakthroughs all emanates from an idea. So never let yours (ideas) die because of what one or two friends said.
Most of the great business mogul we see today started with just an idea and by following it through. You’re of no difference. You too can achieve whatsoever you set your mind and heart to.
So go on my friend and be all that you can be because you can!


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"Every minute you spend wishing you had  someone else's life is a minute spent wasting yours."
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Every expert you know or you've seen or heard of irrespective of his/her field or expertise was once an amateur who barely could find their footing.

That prolific writer that you marveled at each of his work, was once finding it difficult to make out something with words.

That outstanding public speaker, was once so afraid, nervous and shy like a cat.

That amazing artist at one time couldn't make anything appealing on their canvas.

That very successful business wo(man) was once trying just to get by and survive.

Today, their stories has changed.

They never achieved those laudable individual feat in the twinkling of an eye.

It took time, patience, perseverance and persistence, and consistency in whatever endeavor they engaged in until they hit gold mine. Most importantly, they took the first step and they are still improving by the day. 

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