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YOU ARE ENOUGH! (How to stop comparing YOURSELF with anyone on SOCIAL MEDIA)

"Every minute you spend wishing you had 
someone else's life is a minute spent wasting yours."

That very moment you left her/his social medal wall did you feel inadequate? Did you feel you deserve that same thing they have? Did you ask yourself, why not me? Did you feel like you're not enough? Did you feel less of yourself?

If your answer is yes to any of these, then you have a big problem. You're simply comparing your reality to their highlights.

It's not the best way to live, because that act of comparing yourself to what you see on social media is so counterproductive. It messes you up. It makes you feel anxious, troubled and disturbed. It puts unnecessary pressure on yourself to measure up. It breeds envy and it's a sure path to fall into depression.

My friend the only person you should compare yourself with is man or woman you were a day before. Not them(Social media friends), not anyone but who you are previously.

The thing is that life is a journey not a destination. Your timing is much different than theirs. We're on different Lanes in this journey. Your job is is to remain focus on yours and keep working to improve. Yes, their grass maybe greener, keep watering yours. All seems well with them, don't worry you'll get there eventually. Everything happens with time and seasons likewise blessings.

When next you see them showcasing one achievement or the other, go there and say a hearty congratulations to the person and add I am so happy for you, I am glad you're so happy my dear. And move on to the next.

Resist that temptation of tapping into it, shouting I am next in line. Wishing why not me? Asking yourself, what am I doing wrong? What is wrong with me? Do they have two heads? Is my own world worst? Where is my God? 

Querying yourself this way will never bring out the best in you rather it give you many more negatives that would dampen your spirit and make you feel less of yourself. Our minds tend to dwell more on the negatives. This is one aspect of your life you need to get hold of and tell it to focus on the positives.

You are not them!
You are you.
You are enough.
We're all unique in our different ways.

Maintain your lane at your own pace, it's the best place to be. Though you can ask how they pulled it through and replicate it in your own journey but not wishing you are them.

So stop mindless comparison. It does more harm than good. Stop living to prove anyone wrong or to tell people that you have arrived. Live your best life as much as you can not for them but for you. Stop letting what you see here dictate your life for you. Stop using their lives as a yardstick for yours. Some don't even care and you're killing yourself to measure up.

Is that the best way to live?
I am sharing this because I love you and I want the best for you.
Also note that there are no perfect humans out there, we've all got stint of flaws...if not many, despite the perfectism many portray here(social media).

Therefore, stop ruining your life with the feeling of inadequacy from what you see here, although there are positives to pick here, just do your best and leave the rest, you'll be alright.

Your own set time is coming. You're enough. Keep doing the best you can in all areas of your life and enjoy every moment of this journey.

MattCares is rooting for you, and I can assure you it will end well when you stop wishing you are them and embrace yourself wholeheartedly and choose to be better than the person you were the day before.

One love


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