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Turn your Adversity To Truimph

I read about a 16 years old girl who was very vocal about given the girl-child equal opportunity of going to school in her country.
One day, while she was coming back from school, some gunmen's stopped her school bus, asked after her in particular and then shot her in the head and some of her friends too.
She managed to survive that horrendous incident and was back on her feet again through helps from different corners of the world. 
That particular incident never silenced her. Rather, it amplified her voice even more to the extent that today she's one of the world's top most strong advocate for children education and peace. 
Her unrelenting works as an activist earned her a NOBEL PEACE award. The youngest person ever to win such prestigious award.
I'm talking of no other person than Malala Yousafzai. The girl from Pakistan who turned her adversity into triumph.
One thing I've come to realize about is life's setbacks and ugly circumstances are inevitable.


The only time I could remember being close to someone who took his own life was when I still living in Lagos. It happened in Woleboyle street Ojo LGA where I reside.
That very morning, while we were preparing to go to shop at Alaba International Market we were acquainted by the news of one promising young lad who took his own life by drinking Ota-pia-pia (a local insecticide). Though, he left a written a note before committing suicide.
When heard about it, we were so mad at him simply because the note he had left said something about him not gaining admission after trying for two consecutive times. I was even infuriated the more, because I knew how long I stayed at home before I gained admission. I wish I’d met or knew him personally before the ugly incident. My story might have changed him.
“Why take your own life”, was the question on everyone’s lips. From the look of things, his parents were well to do; they were landlord in Lagos, and had a booming restaurant/pub house. What then…

You Become What You Believe

There was this movie I watched. In it, a family was haunted by a stalker. It happened that this stalker was really tormenting each and everyone in this family (the mother, father and their daughter).
What actually caught my attention was when this stalker hacked (He was an IT specialist) into wife's medical report and discovered she went for a cancer test and is expecting her result. This guy called the woman pretending to be a doctor calling from the hospital she did the test and told her that her cancer test came out positive. 
As soon as she heard those words, her countenance changed immediately. The next day she started having symptoms of the illness she diagnosed. Her body began to deteriorate... 
While the family was finding ways to overcome the torments of this stalker, a call from the doctor at the hospital told her the cancer test result she did was out and she was negative, no trace of the element was in her system and nothing was wrong with her.
As she heard that she h…