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"Your failures is an intellectual property."

I remember speaking to some student last year in their school, and one of the points in my speech was “Failing is a good thing.”
When I mentioned that point they looked surprised, and paid more keen attention to what I wanted to say next. Some of their teachers in our midst were not left out; I could sense the astonishment on their faces.
Their reactions didn’t come to me as a surprise because I could remember how they instilled that “Fear of failing” in us back then in school. They made so much emphasis on it that many students live throughout school with that constant fear.
Many individuals today are still within that bondage unconsciously. Our parents also added to it with how they beat us or scolded us terribly for any slight mistakes when we were young.
This particular fear has become so etched into so many lives that they hardly make any attempt to try anything new.
It has killed novel ideas, paralyzed dreams and thwarted major breakthroughs individual could have achieved if they’d followed through.
It has always made most individuals to settle for less, the status quo or play second fiddle to other frontiers.
To change the narrative we need to change how we see “Failing”, for when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at changes.
Failing in itself is not a bad thing rather it is a learning process to do things better.
So, don’t let the fear stop you from chasing your dreams or even giving it a try.
What if you succeed, have you thought about that?
Even if it results to the opposite; pick yourself up, learn from it and strategies not to repeat it that way again. In other words, fail forward and not quitting or giving up.
In case you don’t know your failures is even an intellectual property that you can use to teach others so they won’t repeat your mistakes and you can also earn cool money from rendering that service.
You deserve better, please don’t let fear of failing deprive you of that.
In 2020, no dulling o. Take that bold step by starting today because your dreams are possible.
Put your right hand across your heart and repeat after me these sentence as many times you want until it internalizes: “I WILL NOT LET THE FEAR OF FAILING STOP ME AGAIN!”
#MattCares  wants the best for you. Keep having an awesome year. Much love and God bless.


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