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Sniper is not KILLING people!!!

If not that we were indoctrinated while growing up that if you take your own life you will go straight to hell, the rate of suicides in Nigeria would've been so alarming. I must tell you, that's only what is holding a lot of folks not to end it all. It has gotten that worst. Most of the suicide cases we hear occasionally are  of folks who damned the consequence.
Some people are of the opinion to ban "Sniper." To tell you the truth, Sniper is not what is killing these people, there's more to it than just banning that substance.
Banning that substance is more like treating just the surface symptoms. If we ban it, people would find other means to die.
Instead of clamouring to ban Sniper, we should focus on getting rid of the root cause of people commiting suicide in our society. These we can do. It is a collective work. So how can we do this?
First, we need to practice 'empathy' in our respective lives. Reach out to people around you and offer help …