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Thursday, 14 March 2019

Do Not Focus on Your Goals

Do you want to achieve your 2019 goals?
If your answer is yes, then, DO NOT FOCUS on them!

Yes, you heard me right, don't focus on your goals!

I know right now in your mind you might be thinking this is the most ridiculous thing i've heard this year.

Just calm down I will tell you why I said that...just flow with me.

Every goal you set is something out of you. In essence, they are not part of you and not within your reach at that moment in time. That is to say they are not within your control. And focussing on what's not within your control is a futile and fruitless  mission all together. Same thing happens when you focus on your goals. It's the very reason that makes a lot of folks set beautiful goals but at the end they don't achieve any.

Notwithstanding, in order to achieve your goals this year you MUST redirect your focus on your BEHAVIOURS and not the goal itself. This is so because your behavior is within your control, you can dictate to it what you want it to do or not to do.

Let me illustrate an example to further buttress my point; Take for instance, one of  your top goals is to lose 30 pounds by July this year. To achieve this you need to break it down to actionable steps. Let's say the steps you decided to take are; less calories intake daily, take 6 or more glasses of water, take a 30-40 minutes walk every evening before meals, no late nights meals, hit the gym twice  weekly and spend 2 hours for each session etc

These above action plans are some of the steps you must take to actualize that goal of yours. To be able to do any of these all boils down to your behavior. By subjecting and disciplining yourself to stick to these routines consistently in order to actualize that goal of shedding some weight.

As you can see everything lies on your BEHAVIOURS and not the goal in itself. Your behavior is within your control, you can tell it to adapt and it will oblige. That should be your focus, and I promise you all your goals will become a reality within the timeframe you set for it.

Don't focus on your goals in its entirety but rather focus on your day to day BEHAVIOURS that would eventually culminate into that very goal of yours. For it is those little things you do consistently daily that adds up to become that goal you so desire.

So ask yourself, since my behavior is within my control;

How should I start behaving from today in order to actualize my goals this year?

Which of my behaviours that are not helping me must I delete and never repeat?

Answer yourself genuinely and do the needful immediately, no time.

This principle is applicable in every area of your life. Apply it and thank me later.

Do have the best of the week.


Sunday, 3 March 2019



Don't ever let anyone make you think or feel that you can't live on without them.

Never give them that power over you, because when you do, they exploit it and treat you like trash.

Love is not something you need to beg someone for.

If He/She wants to bounce, then let them bounce!

See it as their own loss, not yours for losing someone wonderful and amazing like you!

If you know your true worth, you'll never beg anyone stay who no longer want to be part of your life anymore. In fact, it is a blessing in disguise. Their leaving will open doors to important and interesting people who know your value.

See, life is way too amazing and short to waste time with people who don’t treat you right or value your worth.

Yes, you might feel hurt and heartbroken when they go. Do not worry, you'll be fine and even get better in a short while. Stop every form of communication with them, the feeling will gradually phase out

Get yourself together and forge ahead. 

Move on!

Prove them wrong that your existence isn't dependent on them.

Live your life, and be everything that you can be, because you can.

You deserve better!

Etumnu Matthew Chidi

#MattCares 😊